We’re leading the new era of personal mobility at the confluence of design, demographics and technology.

Soon these devices will be a thing of the past.

They’ll be something your grandma once used, not something “a grandma would use.”

Because mobility is getting a whole new lineup.

It's time for the dawn of this...

Why Highly Mobile™

Men and women over 50 said that keeping their independence is their main motivator for staying healthy and active
A survey asked adults over 50 years old about their motivators, priorities and concerns in life, and revealed that healthy aging is the number-one priority-even over financial stability
Current devices carry a stigma, lack innovation, fail to integrate with technology and react rather than prevent.

We Believe

  • Human potential is limitless
  • The human body is designed for motion
  • Mobility devices don’t need to look like they’re prescribed

Healthy Aging

World Health Organization defines Healthy Aging” as the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in old age.”
This includes a person’s ability to:
  • Be mobile,
  • Meet their basic needs,
  • Learn, grow and make decisions,
  • Build and maintain relationships, and Contribute to society.
We have a growing senior population who prioritize healthy aging and keeping their independence.
But who depend on devices like this.
Devices that carry a stigma, lack innovation, fail to integrate with technology and react rather than prevent.
Basically, devices that look like they were prescribed by a doctor.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A new landscape

The old landscape is, fittingly, hard to navigate.
So we’re creating a new one.
One where human potential is limitless, and being mobile can prevent or delay significant changes as we age. Where the human body—designed for motion—can be beautifully, fully in motion no matter the circumstance.

A revolution in personal mobility in here

Where science and design shape form and function for off-the-charts human productivity at all ages and stages.

Where human potential is truly limitless and limitation-less.

And where you might hear someone say, “Cool wheels.” And mean it.

This is where mobility finally gets interesting.

Highly Mobile™ will fund technologists and inventors and marry them up with designers to realize best-in-class products that meet market opportunities.

The Founding Team

Eric Ellenbogen


Liz Heller


Ken Hertz


George Gallo

Product Designer

We showcase innovations and make recommendations that are the product of listening with compassion, excellent sourcing, testing and diligent research. We believe that moving with ease is vital to society as a whole.
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